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Branding Design

Have a coffee shop you want a clear identity for? Looking to communicate your message as an independent retailer? Want to give your hairdressing salon the cutting edge? From logo and branding design, to bespoke art work and event planning, we can help. We can style your brand, giving you a full mood board which reflect and communicates your brand personality, gives you a strong colour palette to use in all merchandising and decorating decisions, and even copy which uses key words and identifiers to get your message across. Branding is not just a matter of choosing a front your like and hoping for the best – branding is about understand the language and history of visual communication and then using that to speak for you in a way your potential clients will subconsciously respond to. In a noisy world, it’s not about shouting louder, but talking smarter – and that’s what we can do.

We offer packages to suit all budgets, from a simple logo and marketing design, through to a more complex image based pr solution, all of which is empowered by our skill in making, our craft of words and images and or commitment to quality and innovation.