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Victorian-inspired illustration for goths like us.

We are the Two Olde Goth Ladies – two artists (printmakers, and illustrators, and… busy women, in general) united by our love of all things deep, dark and edgy. We’re here to fill your world and imagination with images infused with mystery, melancholy and menace. All with a deviant beauty that speaks of dreams tipped with nightmares and longing overlaid with trepidation.

We design images that tell the story of our client’s aspirations (be them books, CDs, LPs…), translating their messages through drawing, digital art, printmaking collage and more. The brief is there to speak to us without imposing set ideas upon it. We know our work is different from much of what other commercial designers do and it won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s our strength. If your vision chimes with ours, then you’ll understand why different is good.

Are you’re looking for a book cover design? Perhaps a custom-printed wedding favours? Or maybe a linocut print to celebrate Lupercalia with your loved one (well, or Valentines, we’re not here to discriminate)? All you know is that you need incredible images to deliver your message? You’ve come to the right place.