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About us

We are Two Olde Goth Ladies – two artist / illustrator / printmakers, united in a love of all things deep, dark and edgy. We’re the two girls at the back of the class, with hair in pigtails and too much black eye make-up, tattoos and piercings, who always got straight A’s. We’re here to fill your world and imagination with images infused with mystery, melancholy and menace, all with a deviant beauty that speak of dreams tipped with nightmares and longing overlaid with trepidation.

We met while studying an MA in illustration at Falmouth, both coming from careers in visual communication and the arts in all their forms, from the written word to the drawn line and the precise stitch. Our goal is to design images that tell the story of our client’s aspirations, translating their messages through drawing, digital art, printmaking collage and more, always allows the brief to speak to us without imposing set ideas upon it. We know our work is different from much of what other commercial designers do and it won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s our strength – if your vision chime with ours, then you’ll understand why different is good.

Illustrated I, by Miss A
Ms S is an illustrator and print maker, who also works in a wide range of three dimensional fields, such as needle work and stitch, needle felting, silver smithing and metal work. A trained pattern cutter, se has a background in the bridal industry, and is also a published author, and so if you want copy to go with your visual projects, she’s the creative for you. She works a lot in relief print, drawing straight onto the block free hand and then carving out her designs, as well as using layered tracing paper and photography to create what she calls analogue photoshop collages, with paper cuts and found object montages. 
Ms A is an illustrator and designer who also works in print, and comes from a background in costume design and fine art. She is a highly skilled drafts woman, and has the skill and tenacity to produce graphic novels and narrative images to commission. Also a print maker, specialising in litho-graph and etching, she has a strong flare for type setting and promotional image making. She builds images which have the look and feel of old masters, but with the gleam and sheen of digital art, and can also produce responsive, web ready images, interactive PDFs, gif animations and more – she’s the techno-mage of the pair!
I dream of Owls, by Miss S