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Music Promotion

Whether you’re in an indie band looking to build a real world following, a string quartet or the next velvet voiced cocktail singer, we can paint your sound for you. We bring the same high quality, innovative design and craft skills to designing CD covers, interactive PDFs and promotional material for bands and musicians as we do with our authors, creating a range of off the shelf solutions which represent a wide range of music genres, to a bespoke service. One of our key products is an interactive pdf, full optimised for mobile, tablet or lap top, which allows your fans to read lyrics, click on links to you-tube performance clips, visit your facebook, insta and twitter accounts, and read about your musical journey.

We also offer a range of merch options, whether you want cool band shirts for fans, elegant business cards to get repeat bookings, or novelty pin badges worth collecting in their own right, we can do all of this and more.

Alongside the cover or poster itself, we produce images for promotion, optimised for a range of web-platforms, as well as merchandise from business cards and flyers, to bags, t-shirts, pin-badges and more, all of which we can source and have produced for you, or give you the high quality images to use as you see fit. We even offer a promotional trailer service, producing sort promotional gifs and animations, or a longer, 90 second option. Research has proved that moving images gather a far greater number of hits, follows and click-throughs on any social media platform than a still images alone.

Please see below/use the links to explore what we offer in more detail:

Basic Package


CD Cover/Poster and Social Media adapted images (Facebook page cover image and Facebook post image, Twitter page cover image and Twitter post image, Instagram feed picture and Instagram story picture). Up to three revisions in total.



Extra revisions, up to three.


Ever extra revision after that


Digital Booklet, up to 16 pages


Every extra 4 pages for the Digital Booklet


Digital Booklet, minimum price per illustration


Promotional Video Trailer, 6-10 seconds long MP4 + GIF files.


Responsive version of the PDF starting at


Promotional Material such as Pin badges, postcards, etc. We can print them for you or give you the raw files

Quote Dependant

We also have a ton of crazy crowdfunding ideas, so please, do ask.


Not quite ready for a 100% custom image yet? That’s quite alright. Visit our Etsy Shop to find our latest off-the-shelf covers and posters: they’re designs we put out from time to time and once purchased, will belong to you and you only. We will be able to customise them with the title of your CD as well as your band name, and any other details (lyrics, quotes, etc.), and they all come with freebie promotional images as well!